Situated in the Daisetsuzan national park, the largest mountain national park in Japan, Asahidake Manseikaku Hotel Bear Monte provides magnificent sceneries which ever attract the guests.

Take a close look at the primitive nature's breath in the vast forest,
the flower fields of a variety of alpine plants, and enjoy the view of the primeval forest from the upwelling natural hot spring baths.
Sense the genuine nature in depth through mountain climbing and trekking in summer, and amuse oneself by the full-scale winter sports surrounded by the sparking powder snow in winter.
Asahidake Manseikaku Hotel Bear Monte has ample facilities to enrich your stay with your family and group. The ideal time of luxury is here.

Asahidake Manseikaku Hotel Bear Monte has 107 rooms with a maximum occupancy of 377.
The rooms are finished in natural tones and have a special tranquil atmosphere of the mountain resort.There are types of mountain view and valley view rooms, and the spectacular panoramic sceneries fascinate the guests throughout the seasons.

At Asahidake Manseikaku Hotel Bear Monte, the water for all the bath tubs is 100% natural hot spring flowing straight from the source without any circulation or addition of water.
The clear and odorless hot spring has a silky spring quality, and it is suitable to soak slowly and for a long time because it has a slightly low temperature.

Asahidake Manseikaku Hotel Bear Monte adopts the exhibition- style open kitchen to cook in front of the guests.
The hotel's specialty is the Japanese and Western cuisine buffet using a variety of seasonal ingredients of Hokkaido.
The wine cellar holds approximately 150 bottles of wines with a selection ranging from the local wines to the others to match the guests' special dishes.

Facilities include a bar lounge BOSCO facing a warm fireplace, a bright tea lounge with large windows, and a meeting room for multipurpose uses.

Sapporo ⇒ Asahikawa ⇒ Asahidake
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Ideyugou(Local Bus)
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Sapporo ⇒ Asahidake  Approx. 3hour 30min

Asahikawa ⇒ Asahidake  Approx. 1hour 30min

The arrival of spring to Mt. Asahidake is late. Snowmelt begins from late May and the mountain climbing season starts from mid-June.
Chishima Sakura (Prunus nipponica var. kurilensis) bloom near the Sanrokueki Station of Daisetsuzan Asahidake Ropeway as the latest blooming cherry trees in Japan.
The temperature around Mt. Asahidake and Sugataminoike pond rise day by day, and the hibernating animals begin waking up to resume their activities.

Summer in Mt. Asahidake is transient. With some parts of the mountain trailsyet to be spotted by the lingering snow, it is a beautiful time of the year with a variety of alpine plants onlyseen in Daisetsuzan.A light protection against cold is a must because cold winds blow around thesummit and there may be chilly areas.It is a perfect time to explore the nearby popular destinations such asBiei, a town of picturesque landscape of vast fields and hills, and Furano, a famous town renowned for the breathtaking brilliant lavender fields.

Mt. Asahidake gets busy during autumn for it is famous for having theearliest leaf coloration.Normally mid- September to the early October is the peak and the world ofcrimson spreads out around Sancho (summit) station and Sugatami station ofthe Daisetsuzan Asahidake Ropeway. There is a well maintained 1- 2 hour hiking trails around the Sancho(summit) station and the autumn leaves can be enjoyed from up close.

Winter in Daisetsuzan is the season of the mountains' long long sleep.InNovember snow starts to fall on the summit and gradually, it will change the appearance to the world of harsh cold winter. The temperature near the summit often goes below minus 20℃ and the windspeed may exceed 20 meters per second.Under the thick and deep snow, inhabiting creatures of Daisetsuzan fall intosleep in depth until when the warm spring approaches.Also during this time of the season, abundance of Japan's superb andrenowned power snow attracts the skiers and snowboarders at its best.

Backcountry skiing & snowboarding on Asahidake!
Ever watched a ski movie and salivated over the pros skiing waist deep powder and wished it was you? Stop being a drooling powderhound and get to Asahidake to potentially ski or snowboard some of the deepest powder of your life! …more [「Asahidake」]