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Around 50 minutes by bus from Asahikawa Airport, easy access is one of our appeals.

Despite being located in Daisetsuzan National Park, we are less than an hour away from Asahikawa Airport. A shuttle bus that connects Asahikawa City and Asahidake Onsen, not to mention the airport, also operates daily. Also, if you use the highway from either Sapporo or eastern Hokkaido, you can get to the hotel smoothly via a simple route. It is an area easily accessible by car.

Asahidake Onsen is located in Higashikawa Town, a town teeming with the charms of progress.

While promoting town development through photography and even being known nationwide as "the Town of Photography," Higashikawa Town is attracting attention nowadays for its lifestyle, and the number of migrants moving in continues to increase. Cafes and general stores opened by migrants attract people from in and out of Hokkaido. Before and after the trip to Asahidake Onsen, we also recommend an enjoyable walk around the town where you can feel the "essence of Higashikawa."

Higashikawa Town


For access by car

For access by car

Sapporo area
Sapporo Kita IC
Expressway : approx. 1 hr 30 mins
Asahikawa Kita IC
Prefectural Road 1160 : approx. 1 hr 10 mins
Hotel bearmonte
Asahikawa Area
Prefectural Road 1160 : approx. 1 hr
Hotel bearmonte
National Route 39 : approx. 1 hr
Via Prefectural Road 1160 : approx. 30 mins
Road Station Higashikawa
Via Prefectural Road 1160 : approx. 35 mins
Hotel bearmonte
Obihiro / Furano / Biei area
Doto Expressway : approx. 50 mins
Tomamu IC
Via National Route 1117 - National Route 38 : approx. 2 hrs
Via National Route 213 - National Route 1160 : approx. 40 mins
Hotel bearmonte

For access by JR or bus lines

For access by JR or bus lines

New Chitose Airport
Limited Express (Super Kamui / Okhotsk / Super Soya) : approx. 2 hrs
JR Asahikawa Station
66 Asahikawa Airport・Asahidake Line Bus "Ideyu-go" : approx. 1 hr 30 mins
Hotel bearmonte
Asahikawa Airport
66 Asahikawa Airport・Asahidake Line Bus "Ideyu-go" : approx. 50 mins
Hotel bearmonte

Information on "Ideyu-go" bound for Asahidake Onsen

Information on "Ideyu-go" bound for Asahidake Onsen

• Operates all-year / paid • Boarding times / approx. 1 hr 30 mins (Asahikawa Station - Asahidake)
• Departs from (route) / Asahikawa Station Bus Touch Stop No. 9 (No. 66 / Asahikawa Airport・Asahidake Line)
• Fee
JR Asahikawa Station - Hotel Bearmonte Mae
Adult 1,800 JPY Child 900 JPY
Asahikawa Airport - Hotel Bearmonte Mae
Adult 1,270 JPY Child 640 JPY
Michikusakan - Hotel Bearmonte Mae
Adult 1,100 JPY Child 550 JPY

*Get off at "Hotel Bearmonte Mae," right within view *For the Asahidake Ropeway, get off at "Asahidake" (same price)

  • *Revised October 1, 2023 
  • *Only "Asaca" and "DoCARD" IC cards can be used.
  • *For a round trip, please purchase two tickets.
Ideyu-go (No. 66) timetable For inquiries:
 Asahikawa Denkikidou Co.,Ltd.
(general information)
… Tel.0166-23-3355(general information)

Four seasons

Creating dramatic memories for a mysterious story experience.

The lingering snow and cherry blossoms of spring, the snowcaps and yellow leaves of autumn.
In early summer the alpine plants are in full bloom, creating a flower garden in the sky.
Lastly, the long winter boasts a sublime beauty.
Stay at Hotel Bearmonte and enjoy Mt. Asahidake, where you can have an inspiring experience to bring home every time you visit.


The hotel closest to Asahidake Ropeway in the area.
The nature sightseeing route acts like the hotel's courtyard.

Approx. 3 mins on foot from the hotel / Asahidake Ropeway
Take a walk through the sky and view the four seasons of Mt. Asahidake from up above.

Asahidake Ropeway connects to the 5th station at an altitude of 1,600m in about 10 minutes.The stop is roughly 3 minutes on foot from the hotel.

Daisetsuzan Asahidake Ropeway
Approx. 2 mins on foot from the hotel / Asahidake Visitor Center
Support activities from beginners to advanced.

We also support various activities such as those relating to the surrounding natural environment or mountain climbing. An information center where you can find everything about Mt. Asahidake is available.

Asahidake Visitor Center
Entrance next to the hotel / Nature sightseeing route
A nature/marshland sightseeing route from spring to autumn, and a cross-country course in winter.

From a roughly 30-minute course to a 3-hour course, you can easily enjoy a walk from the hotel.

Four seasons calendar

In each of the seasons, there is a view of the great outdoors found nowhere else but here.

In spring, enjoy the latest cherry blossom viewing in Japan, where you can see the Chishima cherry blossoms clustered near the Ropeway valley station. In summer, from the 5th Ropeway station, Sugatami Station, see the flower field of alpine plants in the sky. In autumn, the leaves turn yellow the earliest in Japan. In winter, witness the mysterious phenomenon created by nature that is magnificent powder snow.


Photo Gallery

Turn the hotel into a gallery.
Get closer to the plentiful expressions of nature any time.

Daisetsuzan Asahidake's Seasons Photo Gallery

From the guest rooms to the lobby and restaurant, every place in the hotel displays dramatic, beautiful, and artistically expressed images of Mt. Asahidake taken by nature photographer Keiichi Noro. See a once-in-a-lifetime view of the great outdoors at work throughout the seasons.
• Photographer Keiichi Noro (Hokkaido resident)
Major awards
• Sekido Spring Photography Contest Video Category DJI Special Award
• The 10th Hokkaido Expressway Four Seasons Photo Contest Excellence Award
• The 4th TORI-FES in MURORAN Saori Tsuji Award
• The 4th "Life with Coffee Photo Contest 2019"
• LUMIX AWARD Shashin Netsu PHOTO CONTEST 2019 Snap category excellence award
• 2020 LUMIX AWARD 2020 PHOTO & MOVIE CONTEST Video Category Grand Prize
• LUMIX HAIKU Movie (R) Contest Haiku Movie Grand Prize
• The 12th Hokkaido Expressway Four Seasons Photo Contes
• Fashion magazine "VOGUE" photo inclusion
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